Thursday, July 01, 2004

Original (NEW!) material to be posted this week

At the beginning of every month, the Verse site will feature original content that will appear only on the site.

Over the next week or so, Verse will feature poems by Ray DiPalma, Brandon Downing, Joy Gonsalves, Nathan S Jones, and Kerri Webster, plus reviews of the following books:

Oni Buchanan, What Animal (reviewed by Lara Glenum)
Joanna Fuhrman, Ugh Ugh Ocean (reviewed by Jerry McGuire)
Lohren Green, Poetical Dictionary (reviewed by Thomas Fink)
Richard Greenfield, A Carnage in the Lovetrees (reviewed by Joyelle McSweeney)
Joy Katz, Fabulae (reviewed by Joyelle McSweeney)
Rupert Loydell, The Museum of Light (reviewed by Chris McDermott)
Timothy Liu, Of Thee I Sing (reviewed by Danielle Pafunda)

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