Friday, August 20, 2004

Seeking reviewers for

Linh Dinh, Blood and Soap: Stories (Seven Stories)
Steve Healey, Earthling (Coffee House)
Naomi K. Long, Radiant Field (Tinfish chapbook)
Tony Lopez, Equal Signs (Equipage chapbook)
Raymond McDaniel, Murder (a violet) (Coffee House)
Deborah Meadows, Representing Absence (Green Integer)
Douglas Messerli, First Words (Green Integer)
Paul Naylor, Playing Well With Others (Singing Horse)
Eugene Savitzkaya, Rules of Solitude, translated from the French by Gian Lombardo (Quale)
Susan M Schultz, And Then Something Happened (Salt)
Susan Sibbet, No Easy Light (Sixteen Rivers)
G.C. Waldrep, Goldbeater's Skin (Colorado)

If you are interested in reviewing any of these books, please contact Brian Henry at bhenr [at] yahoo [dot] com.

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