Monday, August 30, 2004

Seeking reviewers for

[This will be our last call for reviews until the third week of September, since original poems & reviews will post the first half of September.]

Linh Dinh, Blood and Soap: Stories (Seven Stories)
Naomi K. Long, Radiant Field (Tinfish chapbook)
Tony Lopez, Equal Signs (Equipage chapbook)
Douglas Messerli, First Words (Green Integer)
Fernando Pessoa, Selected Poems, translated from the Portuguese by David Butler (Dedalus/Dufour's)
Mario Petrucci, Heavy Water: A Poem for Chernobyl (Enitharmon/Dufour's)
Bin Ramke, Matter (Iowa)
Susan M Schultz, And Then Something Happened (Salt)
Susan Sibbet, No Easy Light (Sixteen Rivers)
Dane Zajc, Barren Harvest, translated from the Slovenian by Erica Johnson Debeljak (White Pine)

& the following magazines:

Chain #10, edited by Juliana Spahr & Jena Osman
Slope #20, edited by Ethan Paquin
Tinfish #14, edited by Susan M Schultz

If interested in reviewing any of the above, please contact Brian Henry at bhenr [at] yahoo [dot] com

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