Friday, September 24, 2004

Seeking reviewers for

Julie Carr, Mead (Georgia)
Jennifer K. Dick, Flourescence (Georgia)
Linh Dinh, Blood and Soap: Stories (Seven Stories)
James Doyle, Einstein Considers a Sand Dune (Steel Toe)
Norman Dubie, Ordinary Mornings of a Coliseum (Copper Canyon)
Arturo Giovannitti, Arrows in the Gale (Quale)
Claudia Keelan, The Devotion Field (Alice James)
Naomi K. Long, Radiant Field (Tinfish chapbook)
Tony Lopez, Equal Signs (Equipage chapbook)
Mike Maguire, Drawn Inward (Spineless)
Barbara Maloutas, In a Combination of Practices (New Issues)
Nils Michaels, Lure (Pleiades)
Fernando Pessoa, Selected Poems, translated from the Portuguese by David Butler (Dedalus/Dufour's)
Jed Rasula, Syncopations: The Stress of Innovation in Contemporary American Poetry (Alabama)
Susan Sibbet, No Easy Light (Sixteen Rivers)
Elizabeth Smither, A Question of Gravity (Arc)
C.K. Stead, Dog (Arc)
Rebecca Stoddard, home?(Noemi chapbook)
Matthew Thorburn, Subject to Change (New Issues)
Khan Wong, ecology (Noemi chapbook)

& the following magazines:

Pleiades #24.2, edited by Kevin Prufer
Slope #20, edited by Ethan Paquin
Tinfish #14, edited by Susan M Schultz

If interested in reviewing any of the above, please contact Brian Henry at bhenr [at] yahoo [dot] com.

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