Wednesday, October 13, 2004


The Verse site registered its 10,000th visitor today, less than four months since the site started posting material. In that time, the site has published more than 25 poems, including a major sequence by Ray DiPalma, and reviews of 22 books and two magazines.

Forthcoming this month on the site are poems by John Latta and Anthony Robinson, plus reviews of books by Lee Ann Brown, Christine Hume, Mario Petrucci, J.H. Prynne, and Prageeta Sharma and of Fence and Skanky Possum.

More than 50 other books, chapbooks, and magazines have been assigned for review on the Verse site. And we are always taking poems for the site. (Note: because poems submitted to Verse are read by eight people, we do not accept electronic submissions of poetry; however, we do accept book reviews electronically.)

Because of the time needed to gather material and to produce the print magazine, we are especially happy about being able to bring timely reviews to readers and about being able to publish more poetry. We have been happily surprised by the number of people--a good portion of them new reviewers--who have offered to review for the site.

The print version of Verse is still going strong. We have been working all year on a twentieth anniversary issue, which will appear at the end of 2004. Details forthcoming in November.

Thanks, everyone who has visited the site. Please spread the word.

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