Monday, February 21, 2005

Seeking reviewers for

Steve Benson, Open Clothes (Atelos)
Daniel Bouchard, Some Mountains Removed (Subpress)
David Constantine, Collected Poems (Bloodaxe)
Merrill Gilfillan, Small Weathers (Qua)
Donald Justice, Collected Poems (Knopf)
Michael Kelleher, To Be Sung (BlazeVOX)
Burt Kimmelman, Somehow (Marsh Hawk)
Gian Lombardo, Of All the Corners to Forget (Spuyten Duyvil)
Claire Malroux, Birds and Bison (Sheep Meadow)
Joanne Merriam, The Glaze from Breaking (Stride)
John Montague, Drunken Sailor (Wake Forest)
Jennifer Moxley, Often Capital (Flood)
Anzhelina Polonskaya, A Voice: Selected Poems (Northwestern)
Margot Schilpp, Laws of My Nature (Carnegie Mellon)
Susan Wheeler, Record Palace [novel] (Graywolf)


Beloit Poetry Journal #55.3
Fulcrum #3
Pleiades #25.1
Talisman #28/29


longer reviews (1800-2500 words) of

Robert Adamson, Reading the River: Selected Poems (Bloodaxe/Dufours)
John Kinsella, Doppler Effect (Salt)
John Matthias, New Selected Poems (Salt)
Vanishing Points: New Modernist Poems, edited by John Kinsella and Rod Mengham (Salt)

If interested in reviewing any of the above, please contact Brian Henry at bhenr [at] yahoo [dot] com.

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