Friday, February 25, 2005

Seeking reviewers for

Sue Carnahan, Auto Repair (Backwaters chapbook)
Robert Kelly, Lapis (Black Sparrow)
Steve Langan, Notes on Exile (Backwaters chapbook)
K.A. McGowan, No Passengers (Backwaters chapbook)
Christina Pugh, Rotary (Word)
Southwest Review 89.4


Christophe Casamassima said...


I'm free to review any materials you'd like. Do you need any other information from me?

Christophe Casamassima
19 Murdock Road
Baltimore, Md 21212

Princesa del Caribe said...

K. A. McGowan's "No Passengers" quietly, elegantly and expertly offers the reader a glimpse into the poet's broken relationships--all of them appear to have been damaging, hurtful, none successful.

McGowan's poetic language is sparse. clear, elegantly beautiful, at times gut-and-heart-grabbing. It can also be illogical and irreverently funny, as in "Nickel Bag," where he cleverly tosses the macabre with the playful.

"No Passengers" is satisfying on many levels. It has the power to evoke in the reader the pain of events thought to be forgotten, now to be examined under an awareness yellowed with time and age.

On the other hand, in its elegant simplicity the book can be read just for the pleasure of the poet's eloquent manipulation of the written word. It has many surprizes, some hurtful, some funny, all invested Mr. McGowan's humanity.

"No Passengers" deservedly won the the Weldon Kees 2004 award. For $14, it's a lifetime treasure of pleasure in the written word.