Monday, December 19, 2005

Seeking reviewers

for the print journal:

[taken] Nin Andrews, Midlife Crisis With Dick and Jane (Del Sol)
[taken] Ted Berrigan, Collected Poems (California)
[taken] Norman Fischer, I Was Blown Back (Singing Horse)
[taken] Forrest Gander, Eye Against Eye (New Directions)
[taken] Arielle Greenberg, My Kafka Century (Action)
[taken] Aaron Kiely, The Best of My Love (Ugly Duckling)
[taken] Timothy Liu, For Dust Thou Art (Southern Illinois)
[taken] Michael Palmer, Company of Moths (New Directions)
[taken] Ethan Paquin, The Violence (Ahsahta)
[taken] Leonard Schwartz, Ear and Ethos (Talisman)
[taken] Eva Sjödin, Inner China (Litmus)
[taken] Rosmarie Waldrop, Dissonance (Alabama)
[taken] John Yau, Ing Grish (Saturnalia)

for the site:

Moniza Alvi, How the Stone Found Its Voice (Bloodaxe)
[taken] Andrea Baker, like wind loves a window (Slope)
[taken] David Baker, Midwest Eclogue (Norton)
Aase Berg, Remainland: Selected Poems (Action)
Suzanne Buffam, Past Imperfect (Anansi)
[taken] Brigitte Byrd, Fence Above the Sea (Ahsahta)
Hugo Claus, Greetings: Selected Poems (Harcourt)
[taken] Kevin Craft, Solar Prominence (Cloudbank)
Tim Earley, Boondoggle (Main Street Rag)
[taken] Thomas Sayers Ellis, The Maverick Room (Graywolf)
[taken] Sean Tumoana Finney, The Obedient Dorr (Meritage)
[taken] Edward Foster, What He Ought to Know: New and Selected Poems (Marsh Hawk)
[taken] Ray Gonzalez, Consideration of the Guitar: New and Selected Poems (BOA)
[taken] Andrew C. GottliebLives (New Michigan)
[taken] Piotr Gwiazda, Gagarin Street (Washington Writers' Publishing House)
[taken] Saskia Hamilton, Divide These (Graywolf)
Luke Kennard, The Solex Brothers (Stride)
[taken] John Koethe, Sally's Hair (HarperCollins)
Robert Lax, Tertium Quid (Stride)
[taken] Nathaniel Mackey, Paracritical Hinge: Essays, Talks, Notes, Interviews (Wisconsin)
[taken] Justin Marks, You Being You by Proxy (Kitchen chapbook)
Susan Maxwell, Passenger (Georgia)
[taken] David Meltzer, Selected Poems (Penguin)
David Miller, Spiritual Letters 3 (Stride)
Esther Morgan, The Silence Living in Houses (Bloodaxe/Dufour's)
[taken] Rachel Moritz, The Winchester Monologues (New Michigan)
Conor O'Callaghan, Fiction (Wake Forest)
[taken] Simon Pettet, More Winnowed Fragments (Talisman)
[taken] Mark Rudman, Sundays on the Phone (Wesleyan)
Philip Salom, The Well Mouth (Fremantle Arts Centre)
Evelyn Scott, Collected Poems (National Poetry Foundation)
Peter Sirr, Selected Poems (Wake Forest)
[taken] Arthur Sze, Quipu (Copper Canyon)
Sam White, The Goddess of the Hunt Is Not Herself (Slope)
Joshua Marie Wilkinson, A Ghost as King (New Michigan)


Burnside Review #2.1
[taken] Cue: A Journal of Prose Poetry #s 2.1 & 2.2
First Intensity #20
[taken] Fulcrum #4
Pool #4
Spectaculum #1-3
War and Peace #2

If interested in reviewing any of the above, please contact Brian Henry at bhenr [at] yahoo [dot] com. Please note that most review copies will not be sent until mid-January, though we will start assigning books for review this week.

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