Wednesday, December 20, 2006

free copies of VERSE

If you have contributed a poem or a review to the VERSE site, we'd like to send you free copies of the magazine. If you have contributed more than one piece to the site, we'll send you several issues.

The following issues are available for VERSE site contributors:

the prose issue (I & II--each is a double issue / contributors include Helen Cixous, Javier Marias, Diane Williams, Gerald Murnane, Marjorie Perloff, Jena Osman, Eric Pankey, Craig Dworkin, Clayton Eshleman, Maxine Chernoff, Michael Heller, Lisa Jarnot, John Kinsella, Douglas Messerli, Natasha Cho, Ales Debeljak, Christine Hume, Mark Wallace, Andrej Blatnik, Peter Johnson, Karen Volkman, Jonathan Monroe, Sandra Miller, plus interviews with Ed Dorn, Gustaf Sobin, Dara Wier, Kevin Hart, Charles North, Reginald Shepherd, Don Paterson)

women Irish poets (includes interview with Medbh McGuckian)

the Jacket issue (a double issued also published as an issue of Jacket, includes poems by Charles Bernstein, Pam Brown, Jordan Davis, Ray DiPalma, Timothy Donnelly, Bob Hicok, Anna Rabinowitz, Leonard Schwartz, Mark Strand, Cole Swenson, James Tate, Dean Young, etc.)

the skinny issue (includes an interview with Mary Jo Bang & poems by Rene Char, Tomaz Salamun, Charles Simic, Ted Mathys, Charles Wright, Cate Marvin, Arielle Greenberg, Oni Buchanan, Andrew Joron, Jennifer L Knox, Joy Katz, Christopher Edgar, etc.)

the sequence issue (a double issue; includes an essay by Marjorie Perloff on Zukofsky, plus sequences/series by Theodore Enslin, Inger Christensen, Mary Jo Bang, Maxine Chernoff, Kevin Hart, Susan Wheeler, Leonard Schwartz, Paul Hoover, Dawn-Michelle Baude, Michael Burkard, Kathleen Ossip, Christine Hume, Craig Coyle, & Standard Schaefer)

Please contact Brian Henry via email (bhenr [at] yahoo [dot] com) with your current mailing address and a list of the issue(s) you'd like to receive.

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