Friday, January 04, 2008

Submissions for 2008

Verse remains closed to unsolicited submissions, and probably will remain closed through the rest of 2008. Unsolicited submissions will be recycled or returned unread.

We will continue to post previously assigned book reviews to the site.


John said...

Strange sort of poetry magazine which doesn't accept submissions. What happens, do the poems just materialise, or do the editors just publish their mates' poems?

Brian said...

FYI, Verse has been open to submissions for approx. 11 of the past 13 years.

As of 2007, we had so much unpublished material (600+ pages) and were accepting work so far in advance that we decided to stop taking submissions rather than add to the backlog.

The idea of just publishing one's friends is an interesting one, though. But not quite as interesting as poems just materializing. We'll look into ways of making that happen.

Matthew said...

2008 is almost over. Accepting submissions yet?

Brian said...

We're going to open up to submissions in 2009, so please stay tuned. The submission process will be different than before, because we're now publishing 20-30 pages by each author (10-15 authors/issue) and paying contributors.

Cyraknow said...

I'm new to this site, and would like to contribute to Verse whenever this will indeed become possible. Will a note to that effect be posted here?
Happy New Year!

csperez said...

Dear Brian,

Are you accepting books to be considered for possible review on the website? If yes, where do we send?

Craig Santos Perez

Brian said...

Yes, we're still open to receiving reviews and review copies. Before sending a book review, the author should query, though, in case we've already assigned the book to someone else.