Monday, August 24, 2009

submissions update

Verse opened to submissions on July 15, and we are having a great time reading work. The magazine's new format allows us to consider work in more depth, to have more context for the work, and to help shape a portfolio of material.

So far, for the next print issue we have accepted work by:

Martine Bellen [poem, novella excerpts]

Daniel Coudriet [poems, translations from the Spanish]

Alice Jones [poems]

Joseph Massey [poetic sequence]

Adam Wiedemann [poems translated from the Polish by Marit MacArthur].

We also have accepted some work for the Verse site, which will appear on the site over the next weeks and months.

We have room for another 10-15 writers in the print issue and are still considering submissions. If you haven't submitted a chapbook-length portfolio yet, there's still plenty of time. The deadline is November 14.

We are especially interested in multi-genre portfolios and prose (fiction, nonfiction, interviews), so don't hesitate to send unorthodox portfolios.

If you did submit work and have not heard back from us yet, your portfolio is still under consideration.

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