Thursday, May 24, 2012

Submissions 2012

Verse will re-open to submissions in summer 2012.

All submissions for the print magazine should be chapbook-length (20-40 pages), in any genre or combination of genres--poetry, fiction, nonfiction, translations, criticism, interviews, journals/notebooks, images, etc. Everything in the submission must be unpublished.

Submission period: June 1 to October 31.

Submissions received outside the submission period will be recycled or returned unread, as will submissions that do not adhere to the submission guidelines.

We will respond to submissions on a rolling basis, beginning in July.

Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, but you must withdraw your entire submission if something in your submission is accepted elsewhere. If work is withdrawn from consideration, no substitutions will be allowed.

Please include a SASE for response. If you want your work returned, include sufficient postage on the SASE.

Reading fee: $10 (cash or check/money order to VERSE).

All contributors to the print magazine will receive $10/page, $200 minimum.

We sometimes will offer to publish individual pieces on the VERSE site if we admire the work but do not accept the entire portfolio. So every submission goes through two rounds of consideration: the entire submission is considered for the print magazine, and individual pieces are considered for the site.

Mail all submissions to:

English Department
University of Richmond
Richmond VA 23173

You also can submit here:

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