Wednesday, November 13, 2013

2013 submissions deadline

Verse's 2013 submission deadline is December 15, 2013. We currently are accepting portfolio manuscripts (20-40 pages in any genre). Although we are not reading submissions for the Verse site at this time, all portfolio submissions will be considered first for the print magazine, then for the site.

To submit, go to:


jude folly said...

how might i purchase a print copy of verse magazine?

Verse said...

The new issue of Verse (Vol 29 #s 2 & 3) has portfolios of poetry and fiction by Joanna Howard,
Jasmine Dreame Wagner, Sarah Goldstein, Shannon Tharp, Lance Phillips, Adam Strauss, and Matt Reeck.
It is available for $8 (price includes postage). Send a check to Verse, English Department, University of Richmond, Richmond, VA 23173.