Monday, August 20, 2012

NEW! Three poems by Brendan Lorber

Brendan Lorber

Three Poems


Lip syncing just 
reminds me of all 
the other organs 
(which is) Why 
am I unable to
do simple things 
like own an aut— 


Erectile teleology & other ways
of getting ahead of yourself
in a city so new you’re compelled 

to call it Boston Hot redaction 
in the summer A false friend
to make room in a real shirt 
What we do for love vs. what
it does to us before we even 

know it's there It happens 
before first sight but one can’t 
own up to what’s one’s already 
been pwned by To be had
by secrets The heart of a 
zombie in a song in a dream 


The ER doc at the bar 
said anything less than 
a machete’s not worth 
coming into work for 
but you’ll know your 
cough is consumption 
if after you fall asleep 
on the Amtrack along 
the Hudson you wake 
up on a boat outside 
Livorno and Shelley 
says you don’t look
so good ye who tested 
the chariot of her 
dark wintry bed 

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