Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Verse's new format

Beginning in autumn 2008, Verse will shift to a new format--to a portfolio, or dossier, arrangement. The magazine will appear annually, and each edition will include approximately 25 pages by approximately 12 writers. This new format will allow us to feature a chapbook's worth of material by each writer.

We have been planning this change since 2006, but needed to complete our two issues in progress--French Poetry & Poetics and the second Sequence Issue--before making the switch.

In keeping with Verse's commitment to publishing innovative prose and cross-genre work, we plan for each edition to be multi-genre.

The first issue in this format will focus on writers who have not appeared in Verse before, but whose work we have admired and wanted to publish in the magazine for a long time.

This new format also will bring a change in submission policy to Verse as well as a lower subscription cost. Stay tuned for details.