Monday, March 11, 2013

NEW! 3 poems by Gina Barnard

Gina Barnard

Three poems


Nudge my nose just under
your ear, sometimes we slather
too much praise, like mayonnaise.
After tea, the bed is still warm
with you, mayonnaise.


You eat a sweet potato so fast your chest fills with cement and you hiccup to catch your breath.


dug its head into the back of my thigh
sliding down
stairs in the bedroom, the old house.


A pinch--
a yearning.

Monday, March 04, 2013

NEW! Poem by Jess Novak

Jess Novak


I’ve been talking to this girl online—Jack calls her 
Internet Crush Katie, but she’ll be Real Human Being Katie 
soon enough, & that’ll fuck 
everything right up. 

In the smartphone pictures she sends me, 
her breasts burn white, overexposed and chewable;
like a model in a Bacardi ad, she throws 
her head back, perpetually laughing, 

surrounded by girls, more girls, so many girls, 
girls who are all
just my imaginary type, girls who flaunt
cool band t-shirts & expensive haircuts, 

girls who might text me cute things: 
let’s watch ice cubes melt
or let’s poke bugs with sticks together.
Girls who wouldn’t ask why the porn I watch

is so weird or call my mom when they haven’t heard 
from me. I bet they wouldn’t still be friends with all my old friends
so I don’t get to see them. They would never remember 
to tuck in the sheets.