Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Recent & Recommended

Sandra Simonds, Warsaw Bikini (Bloof)
Lytton Smith, The All-Purpose Magical Tent (Nightboat)

Monday, April 27, 2009

submissions update

We've just wrapped up a 450-page issue and have finally cleared the decks.

Verse will open to submissions again this summer.

The submissions process will be different than before.

Verse is now paying contributors, ~ $200 per contributor.

Stay tuned for details.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Recent & Recommended

Bill Berkson, Portrait and Dream: New and Selected Poems (Coffee House)
Fanny Howe, The Winter Sun (Graywolf)
G.C. Waldrep, Archicembalo (Tupelo)

Monday, April 20, 2009

free classroom sets of Verse

UPDATE May 6: We've just sent out over 30 boxes (1000 copies) of Verse and have pretty much depleted our stocks. Thanks to everyone for their interest and for putting the magazine into students' hands.

UPDATE May 2: We're currently sorting through boxes and sending them out. We have more than a dozen requests outstanding, and we'll proceed to fulfilling those as soon as we've caught up. Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE Wednesday: If you requested a classroom set but didn't leave an email address or mailing address, please submit another comment and leave an address. We have 20+ boxes going out, and are looking through the stacks to see what's left. There are another 10 or so requests outstanding, and we hope to accommodate those.

[UPDATE (9pm Monday): We still have a couple of boxes of the issues listed below. When we run out of these issues, we will offer more classroom sets of different issues in the near future. In the meantime, if you are a high school teacher and are not looking for a particular issue, we definitely can send you something. We've been especially delighted by the response from high school teachers around the country, though we're also delighted to send copies to college courses. When you comment, please include an email address or mailing address so we don't have to publish your comment to get in touch with you. ]

We need to clear out some storage space, so we're offering free classroom sets (entire boxes) of Verse to the first 20 instructors (of literature and/or creative writing, at any level, in any setting) who request them. While we cannot guarantee specific issues, we'll try to meet any special requests. Verse will cover shipping costs, too. We just ask that you put the magazine into students' hands, gratis.

Here's a list of what's available:

1) The Sequence Issue II (Rosmarie Waldrop, Gillian Conoley, Laynie Browne, Jenny Boully, Rusty Morrison, David Wojahn, Marianne Boruch, Corinne Lee, Richard Kenney, Kate Fagan, John Matthias, John Kinsella, Guy Bennet, Anthony Hawley, Barbara Hamby, Thorpe Moeckel, Daniel Coudriet, Sean McDonnell, Rusty Morrison interview, Theodore Enslin interview, plus book reviews) [1 box available]

2) The Sequence Issue (Theodore Enslin, Inger Christensen, Standard Schaefer, Susan Wheeler, Kathleen Ossip, Paul Hoover, Mary Jo Bang, Kevin Hart, Michael Burkard, Dawn-Michelle Baude, Leonard Schwartz, Craig Coyle, Maxine Chernoff, Christine Hume, plus Marjorie Perloff essay on Zukofsky, Ashley David essay on Ben Lerner) [1 box available]

3) The Prose Issue II (Rene Char, Helene Cixous, Diane Williams, Elke Erb, Clayton Eshleman, Craig Dworkin, Matthew Cooperman, John Kinsella, Michael Heller, Douglas Messerli, Petter Lindgren, Kevin Prufer, Noah E Gordon, Karla Kelsey, Rita Rich, Joshua Harmon, Susan Maxwell, Joy Katz, Peter Boyle, Michael Dietz, Paul Maliszewski, Fred Muratori, Gregory Brooker, Kevin Craft, Michelle Noteboom, Paul Killebrew, Carol Quinn, Chris Wallace-Crabbe, David Roderick, Michael Fagenblat essay on Jean-Luc Marion, Brad Flis essay on Tessa Rumsey, Timothy Donnelly essay on Don Paterson, Michael Theune essay on Yusef Komunyakaa, Chris McDermott essay on George Oppen, Reginald Shepherd interview, Kevin Hart interview, Don Paterson interview, Dara Wier interview, Charles North interview, Gustaf Sobin interview, Ed Dorn interview, plus book reviews) [1 box available]

4) Vol 23, #s1-3:


Ethan Paquin / Hampton

Beth Anderson / five poems

Landis Everson / four poems

Pam Brown / five poems

Chris Pusateri / on Ted Berrigan’s Collected Poems

Erica Kaufman / on Joshua Beckman’s Shake

Thomas Fink / on Shanna Compton’s Down Spooky

John Findura / on Jennifer L. Knox’s A Gringo Like Me

Victoria Boynton / TV Lover

Maxine Chernoff / He Picked up his Pen in her Defense

Peter Rose / two poems

Heather Christle / three poems

G.C. Waldrep / What Lived in our Mouths

Jeffery Bahr / two poems

Jonathan Thirkfield / The Mourners (44:44)

Hadara Bar-Nadav / two poems

Carrie Etter / on Ted Mathys’ Forge

Ezekiel Black / on Corinne Lee’s Pyx

Katherine Hollander / on Timothy Liu’s For Dust Thou Art

Timothy Liu / Umbilical

Crystal Curry / Tu Quoque

Jenny Boully / Loy Krathong

Julie Carr / three poems

Ray DiPalma / three poems

Priscilla Becker / two poems

Judith Bishop / Interval

Mary Crow / Meantime: Blizzards

Paul McCormick / A Few Ways Forests Can Change Over Time

Erika Howsare / islands

Henry Hart / on George Witte’s The Apparitioners

Joshua Corey / on Gustaf Sobin’s The Places as Preludes

Chris McDermott / on Alice Fulton’s Cascade Experiment

Dawn-Michelle Baude / Luberon Dialogue, Field #3

Samuel Amadon / The Meadows

John Gallaher / four poems

Chad Sweeney / eight poems

Sarah Riggs / Cretan Monologues

Peter Markus / We Make Mud

Chris Green / Fertility Woes

Michael Earl Craig / The Accomplished Hand

Craig Sherborne / Stablehand

Gordon Meade / two poems

Jennifer Mackenzie / Real Time

Simeon Berry / Screed, 2D

Seth Abramson / Come in, Radio Ceylon

Michael Hansen / Sonnet for a Picture

Chris Wallace-Crabbe / It’s Like Reading Smoke

Lytton Smith / Scarecrow Work

Mike White / two poems

Schirin Nowrousian / concrete

Brandon Shimoda / on Sawako Nakayasu’s nothing fictional but . . .

Thomas Fink / on John Yau’s Ing Grish

Cathy Park Hong / two poems

Jessica Olin / two poems

Sarah Mangold / Life as the Emperor

Bruce Covey / three poems

James Shea / three poems

Catie Rosemurgy / three poems

Christopher Salerno / two poems

Sandra Miller / Girls.

Emma Bolden / Epistle IV

Ed Davis / three poems

Stan Mir / two poems

Jerry Harp / The Creature Remembers

Joshua Corey / on John Kinsella’s The New Arcadia

Richard Scheiwe / on Thomas Heise’s Horror Vacui

Paula Koneazny / on Ethan Paquin’s The Violence

Morgan Lucas Schuldt / from Inamorata

Brian Teare / Dead House Sonnet

Emily Wilson / two poems

Sarah Goldstein / three poems

Chris Tonelli / three poems

Kevin McFadden / I.e.

Barbara Hamby / A Birdman to You, Baby

Natasha Kochicheril Moni / In the end it is always the books,

Lesley Jenike / two poems

Roy Seeger / The Beginnings of Human Expression

Peter Ramos / two poems

Jesse Lichtenstein / three poems

Lucy Ives / on Muriel Rukeyser’s Collected Poems

Ethan Paquin / on Thomas Merton’s In the Dark Before Dawn

[1 box available]

To request a classroom set, submit a comment below (it won't be published, but we'll record the request) or email Brian.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Recent & Recommended

Jennifer Firestone, Holiday (Shearsman)
L.S. Klatt, Interloper (Massachusetts)
Laura Sims, Stranger (Fence)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Laura Sims & L.S. Klatt reading

Thursday, April 16
University of Richmond
Jepson Hall, 120

Laura Sims is the author of two books: Practice, Restraint and the brand new Stranger, both from Fence Books.

L.S. Klatt's first book, Interloper, won the Juniper Prize and was just published by the Univ of Massachusetts Press.

Book signing and Q&A after the reading.

Free and open to the public.

For directions:

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Recent & Recommended

Kyle Buckley, The Laundromat Essay (Coach House)
Sarah Gambito, Delivered (Persea)
Michael Gizzi, New Depths of Deadpan (Burning Deck)
K.A. Hays, Dear Apocalypse (Carnegie Mellon)
Michael Palmer, Active Boundaries (New Directions)

Friday, April 03, 2009

Recent & Recommended

Norma Cole, Natural Light (Libellum)
Keith Waldrop, Transcendental Studies (California)