Saturday, June 19, 2004

New issue of Gut Cult

Verse readers, please check out the latest issue of Gut Cult (no. 4), which features poems by some of the most exciting and interesting poets in the U.S.: Tony Tost (author of Invisible Bride), Laura Solomon (author of Bivouac and former Verse associate editor), Arielle Greenberg (author of Given), Anselm Berrigan (author of, most recently, Zero Star Hotel), Shanna Compton (author of Down Spooky), Ben Lerner, Brad Flis (former Verse associate editor), Tim Botta, Stan Mir, Sandra Simonds, and Kirsten Kaschock (author of Unfathoms and currently a Verse associate editor). The issue also includes a sampling of Australian poetry, edited by Michael Farrell (the Australian editor for Slope).

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