Thursday, October 07, 2004

NEW! L.S. Klatt poem

L.S. Klatt


Red heifer skips
in the head-
waters of the Jackson River
paper mill whiskey fumes
& more fluke
the Hercules
Chemical Plant burns down
Railroad switches
coal to diesel


the timber stutters
off flatbed trailers
like skeletons
bleached converted
half-ton spools
the crews catch stacks
of product
flip-top boxes
cigarette cartons
conveyor belts rub their hips


the unemployed
lie still
on the face of Lick Mountain
& conserve
even wild turkeys grouse
& doves hole up
in the brown
swath of the Gypsy moth


the acids inks
out come ashes & water
consummated in the city
& yea the war
of spirits

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Phil said...


Simple, comprehensible, and yet alive with word music, imagery and stark emotion.