Friday, April 15, 2005

NEW! L.S. Klatt poems

L.S. Klatt

Two poems


The pine threw down its needles

The squirrel played in a pile

What a strange response
to the loss of tingle

Spine cannot budge--the feet

Suppose a hunchback that foundered was found
to be a pole, bipolar

Yea, humpback in the flammable sea
yea, pin-cushion with pikes


Like a piano hinge
the door of his belly swings

he titters
a pinecone hemorrhages

The bomb goes dumb
& he can't steer it

nor can caw emancipate the good seed

all he can foresee is sequin
or sentinel

The weeping bombardier woos
his propaganda

the notes he puffs can't sing straight

another hellfire cone
another iridescence of grey light

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