Thursday, July 21, 2005

NEW! Jennifer L. Knox poem

Jennifer L. Knox


I think I might've clipped you
back there: sorry. I thought
you were a traffic cone
the way you wobbled. So
how could I resist? Please
accept this unwieldy inflatable safety bumper
as a large gesture.

Look: the whirling dervishes
have returned to the feeder.
They've forgotten all
about the poison (they've been really
busy). We counted on them to be just
the way they are, bubbling under
their little purple turbans.

I think you might've poisoned me
back there: sorry. You thought
I was a polar bear
asleep in the snow
because I told you so. Please
accept my tongue
as an apology.


la la la I can't hear you said...

just popped in and wanted to say what great work you have here.

Banesy said...

I'm longing for A GRINGO LIKE ME almost spastically.

Brandon Damascus said...

Ah to be stuck in a motel room with a wallpaper of your poems. Is that kinky? Sincerely. ... Did you see the Korean film "Old Boy." That thing about the tongue, ... To lose language, la la la . Ooh! &&& JK you are a wonder!

aaron e. said...

I like this poem a lot. The opening is my favorite part.