Tuesday, April 24, 2007

NEW! Poem by Eric Pankey

Eric Pankey


Ark of river stone.

Ashen residue of straw.

Attic dust, cellar damp.

Calabash adorned with cowries

A conundrum, a compendium.

Corrosives that free an image.

Dried seed heads, boluses, antlers among the tangled roots.

Dusk pinned down on a stony draw.

Folio volumes of maps and anagoges.

Gaps in the narrative where coincidence enters.

The half of speech that is the listener’s.

Joists, beams, floorboards.

Loams and siennas.

The lure of light.

Models of earthly and heavenly palaces.

The moment’s spur.

Nest the wind picks apart.

A pause, a rest, an impasse.

Sound of waters coming together.

Stupa of rain.

Sufficient repetition to suggest endlessness.

Thrown voices, thrown shadows.

Tool-marks on the overgrown knots, char on the crossgrain.

Tress of hair.

Vectors and quadrants.

Verdict written in sand.

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