Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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David Bartone

The Prince’s Downfall Involved Li Po in a Second Exile

The trouble with being good at courting patrons.

The prince’s downfall involved Li Po in a second exile, though they spoke of it an excursion.

The fall has now entered fog fall as a way to help Li Po understand himself, which he accepts.

He’ll be back by Indian summer.

Exile: drink, write nothing until Indian summer.

The energy of his thighs enough to carry him.

Attention wolf fans:

Indian summer has already garnered tons of praise and will arrive just in time for Halloween.

It has been thus far a four-colored fall.

Kitchen window light. Stove light. Sink light. Lamp.

Spry sprung into a full force of passion, lovers obey this time of year approaching with their ears to the leaf crinkle.

Old lovers leave-taking in old friends.

To see through the thick now, sense of a band playing down low over the hill.

This, the prince’s downfall: always sensing down low over the hill.

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