Friday, October 12, 2012

NEW! Poem by Terrell Terry

Terrell Terry


Wherever is where we began:
tulips opened to the T without
introduction. Already in here.
It is a privilege, past the spot
of cramping bellies. Ones that
take you, living locked inside
walls. Speakers in other rooms,
through speakers through tunes.
Three thoughts that were said
amidst the muffle. Title taken,
so who cares what you name it?
Weren’t you told to be careful
about wild wishes that might go
the wrong way on permanently
permeated park benches. Touch
a wire of world store electro-
cutions, while jagged Mondays
just happen to recycle maladies.
We perspire, thinking nothing
of the waste. We’ll need water, 
not its stabbing fact. I too sense
the tide when wondering what
has happened to those woods.

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