Tuesday, October 30, 2012

NEW! Two poems by Andrew Michael Roberts

Andrew Michael Roberts


geometry of innocence

god is dreaming.

a colony of moths
unfurls in the mind,

a fortress of trees
gowned in smoke

through which you fall
sideways, like a leaf.

at the lakeshore,
walk softly.
water sleeps.

light buzzes in
the crustaceans' brains.

the mountains
with their eyes of ice

strike out at the thunder-vaults.

egrets, egrets if they succeed:
unfolding to take the place of the sky.

all shall be showered
in otherworldly poise.

here is a throne
while you wait
made of driftwood and bone,

and your ignorance crown
for which the world wars.


i have enchanted a housefly
with one piano note.

dirty little captain
of the men of death,

he's caught in a frequency,
blinking his thousand
unthinkable eyes.

near-dawn. an icicle slips
from its jaw along the roofline.

now behold the gaping smile of doom.

who am i but to judge?
i drink like a king,

i have a liver going to hell,
my cells at war with me.

you stalwart mutineers.
can you arrest time? no.

the rung note dissipates.
morning hesitates,

but comes.
morning like a broken bell,

a candle in the birdcage
where the blind bird was.

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